Sugar, Ah, Honey, Honey

736px--Grow_More_Sugar_BeetDid you know if it says sugar on the ingredient label more than likely it’s genetically modified? Yes, even if it says natural like that soda your drinking. I know what you’re thinking “but it doesn’t have corn syrup”. Unless it’s organic or says cane sugar you are probably eating sugar made from GM sugar beets. There are several alternatives to avoiding GMO sugar. First and foremost read your labels but that’s not always easy because the corporations get sneaky and use sucrose among others to disguise their GM foods. Here are a few other options for sweetening your life.


  • Cane sugar
  • Organic sugar
  • Honey ~ make sure it is organic, or you can buy local, otherwise you won’t avoiding gmos
  • Coconut sugar~ tastes a bit more like brown sugar but is a great substitute for traditional sugar. (I use this in my coffee)
  • Date sugar  ~ a great alternative for brown sugar
  • Maple syrup ~ can be used in place of sugar in most cakes but it’s liquid so you’ll need to reduce other liquids by about a quarter.
  • Molasses ~ best used in baking, it is sweeter than sugar and so you will need less.
  • Barley Malt Syrup ~ like molasses in texture barley malt syrup has , hence the name, a malty taste.
  • Fruit juice ~ great for baking but use real juice, not juice from concentrate.

My challenge to you is to try to find items in the store with cane sugar in the ingredient list instead of just sugar. Let me know in the comments any items, other than organic, that you do find cane sugar in (and no sugar also listed). Then I can share this information with the other readers trying to avoid GMOs and maybe give that product some applause.

C'mon tell me what you think.