Doughnuts made with Love (AKA GMO Free)

I’ve wanted to try Vortex Doughnuts for a while, on Sunday the family got the chance to have some delicious GMO free doughnuts. While it’s a bit tricky to avoid GMO’s especially when it comes to fried food, at Vortex Doughnuts its the opposite. From their beverages to their doughnuts they are committed to avoiding […]

Asheville Explosion Cupcakes

I have waited not so patiently for Highland brewing’s Thunderstruck Porter to come out to make these cupcakes. This recipe is a combination of the wonderful food and drink I have available here in the foodtopia I call Asheville. There were so many wonderful local treats in our goodie-food bags from Foodtopia Asheville for the food […]

Sugar, Ah, Honey, Honey

Did you know if it says sugar on the ingredient label more than likely it’s genetically modified? Yes, even if it says natural like that soda your drinking. I know what you’re thinking “but it doesn’t have corn syrup”. Unless it’s organic or says cane sugar you are probably eating sugar made from GM sugar beets. There […]

Pretzel Rolls Asheville Style

I have to admit I LOVE bread, the only problem is that avoiding high fructose corn syrup is a must and a challenge, especially when buying bread. Paying four or five dollars for a loaf is a budget breaker. Why do I want to avoid high fructose corn syrup? For one it’s GMO and two […]

Whole Foods Preview

I took a tour of Whole Foods Saturday and was impressed with the setup, as someone who is trying to avoid GMOs this is a good addition to my shopping routine. Whole Foods products are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners (HFCS), and hydrogenated fats and have pledged that by the year 2018 all GMOs will be labeled. They already […]